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Environmental Risks to Infrastructure Innovation Programme

RV-DSS: An industry-friendly resilience-based interdependency assessment tool - case study North Argyll



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Case Study:

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Research Institution:

Anglia Ruskin University

Principle Investigator:

Dr Donya Hajializadeh

CO Investigator(s):

Maryam Imani, Carlos Jimenez- Bescos, Lakshmi Rajendran

Industry Partners:

Transport Scotland, Scottish Water, SSE, Atkins


Erosion, High impact low probability event, Multi-hazard combinations, Storms and gales wind

The aim of this innovation project is to test a recently developed decision-support system to identify critical interdependencies between water, transport and energy networks with respect to increasingly frequent and severe environmental hazards in a small/medium size city with high vulnerability of urban population (i.e. North Argyll, Scotland). This project will consider the implications of community isolation in resilience of interdependent infrastructure systems. The tool will provides means of optimising design and investment strategies for the partners in order to achieve greater resilience as a cohort.

Further Information

The primary output of the project is RV-DSS web-application, which has been made available to project partners for comments on potential areas for further improvements.

RV-DSS Overview Video: providing the background and an overview of the technical content - Uploaded on Dropbox

RV-DSS work presented at Association for European Transport Conference 2018

RV-DSS work presented at Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience Conference CEPRE 2018 (http://www.cipre-expo.com/) - Paper uploaded on Dropbox

RV-DSS Work presented at Water Energy Nexus 2018 Conference (http://waterenergynexus.org/) - Paper uploaded on Dropbox


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